Oh, the possibilities!

It’s been a busy three months.  I cannot believe it’s been that long since I blogged.  I truly hope my friends and family who live far away aren’t too disappointed.  😉

I have some exciting news to share.  I thought I would blog about it and maybe this will be the catalyst I need to get back at this thing…

So, here goes…

In March, I left my job of 15 years.  I’m not gonna lie…it was a really tough decision.  I loved that job.  But, I really just felt like it was time to move on.  I had graduated in December from Indiana Wesleyan University with a business degree and needed to see what the Lord had next for me.  I knew what I wanted to do.  I prayed pretty specifically about it, but kept trying to find something to do while waiting on THAT job. 

Now, I cannot think of very many times in my life where I’d prayed so specifically about something.  I trust the Lord.  I know He’s got my best in mind.  He knows what I can do.  He knows what I’m capable of doing.  He knows the desires of my heart.  So, why not pray specifically?  He’s God.  He can do anything!

My prayer for a job was this…I wanted to work at the high school where my kids go & we only live about a mile away, I wanted to work a consistent job (no subbing), preferably part time but pays well, I wanted to be able to be on the same schedule as the kids, I wanted to work in the high school building, not intermediate or primary, because the Lovely daughter is a Junior so I would get to see her each day, and next year both the Lovely Daughter and the Little Man will be in that building. 

After being interviewed and turned down for two different jobs at the high school, and turning down another one because it involved Algebra (math = gag), AND being interviewed at another local middle school and not getting that job, I found a job that paid well but was at least 40 hours a week and it kept me from home too much.  I didn’t really enjoy it and if you know me at all, you know that my deepest heart’s desire is to be a mom, a good mom.  I enjoyed working with a wonderful woman I know from church, but I was missing my kids too much.  In the three and a half weeks there, I did not cook supper for my family one time.  boo.  I would get home in the evening and just want to crash because I had to get up early in the morning and do it all over again.   Or I would get home and things were just chaotic with practices, small groups, meetings, blah…blah…blah.

The day after I started that job, I found out that there was a job opening for church secretary at a local church.  It was almost exactly what I had done for those previous 15 years.  In fact, it would have been the perfect fit, except…it too was 40 hours and would only get me home about an hour earlier each evening.  Still not what I had prayed about, but a great job with some really great people!  I was excited about the possibilities of that job.

However…the day before the interview at that church, I got a call from the Principal of our high school.  He had a job for me that he thought I would be perfect for.  Was I interested?  Why, yes. Yes I am.  But shoot, now I have this interview at church and you’re offering me this?

But literally, the decision all came down to the hours I will be at home with my kids.  I took the job at the high school.  I start Tuesday morning after Labor day.  I’ll be learning all about it for a couple of days with the teacher who is there now, then it will be “my classroom”.  I’ll be a paraprofessional at THS in the credit recovery class.  It is a class time for those students who have failed a class they need in order to graduate.  It’s an online class for them, I will really just be the facilitator.  The principal told me that they really want someone in that classroom who will get to know the kids and let them know someone cares about whether or not they do well.   

In my whole life, all I have ever wanted to be was a mom…have I mentioned that?  But there have been a few times in my life when I thought I could have been a teacher, except for the actual “teaching” part! 

Am I nervous?  A little…but really, I’m just excited! Excited for the possiblilites.  Excited for what God has for me (I’m sure this will stretch me in ways I’ve not been stretched before).  Excited to be able to work in the school that my kids go to.  Excited to hang out with students every day.  Excited to, hopefully, be someone who can motivate them to do their best.  Excited to get to know them.  Excited to see if I can really do this!

What’s Up?

Monday ~ We had painters come and paint the walls, trim and doors up the stair well and down the hallway upstairs in the current house.  In the ten and a half years we have lived here I have never, that I can recall, ever taken a photo in the hall upstairs because I hated that area of the house sooooo much.  The reason I never did anything up there is because I’m afraid of heights and there was no way I was climbing up a ladder to paint that wall above the stairs.  And since I wasn’t about to do that, I never painted because to paint one part of that area and not another…well, I just never did.  So, the trim and doors were always this ugly cheap-o wood.  Not even nice oak.  If you think oak is nice. Which I don’t.  But since Monday, I LOVE walking up the stairs and everything looks for fresh and clean and crisp and new.  I love it.  I keep thinking I should hang something on the walls.  But I’ll just have to take it down soon to move.  So…no…nothing.  Thanks to Jason from http://www.heritage-custompainting.com for the awesome job!


Monday was also Labor Day so the kiddos were out of school for the day.  Little Man spent the previous night with Grandma and Grandpa in the Ville and Lovely Daughter had a friend over.  We just hung out while the painters worked.  My mom came over to help me pack up the craft room. 

Tuesday ~ School was delayed because of fog.  It was SUPER foggy.  Like, foggy enough that school ended up being cancelled.  CANCELLED because of FOG.  Really.  I’m not making this stuff up.  So, it was just another chillax day.  It was good because both of the kiddos were feeling a bit under the weather with colds, so it was nice to just watch movies and lay around.  I had class in the evening and Lovely Daughter had practice.  And we heard from the people at Med One…Lovely Daughter has an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to look at her shoulder…which is another story for another day 🙂

Wednesday ~ the kids were finally back to school.  Both were feeling a bit better.  I worked at church.  My online class began that day.  I’m really struggling with the whole online class. I just don’t really get how it’s supposed to work.  I just do not feel like I’m getting anything out of it.  I’m definitely a lecture and discussion in person type of learner.

Thursday ~ I worked again.  I’m also in charge of the marching band/color guard locker decorations this year.  Basically, I have to come up with and make locker decorations for every competition.  Each of the competitions are on Saturdays from now until the first one in November {hopefully}.  The Thursday before, I will go to practice with Lovely Daughter and decorate the lockers during practice.  Like 10 other moms signed up to help but no one showed up this past Thursday.  So the Little Man and I did it all.  It wasn’t so bad.  We got them all done in like 30 minutes.  I had the decorations made before we got there so we just had to get the locker list from the band director and tape them on each locker.

Friday ~ I was miserable all day with a migraine.  I slept til about 11am and then just felt sick the whole rest of the day.  Lovely Daughter stayed after school since last night was homecoming.  Little Man came home from school and played quietly so I could continue resting with my migraine.  It ended up storming, like thunder and lightening, so the game was cancelled. 

Saturday {today} ~ This afternoon is our first of many marching band competitions.  It’s just an invitational today, but these are great practice for the official ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) competitions coming up.  The parents feed the kids a home cooked meal after each competition so they don’t have to eat so much concession stand food.  I went this morning early to Rural King and bought 3 of those big boxes of tortilla chips for the taco salad/nachos they’re having tonight.  The Hubby is driving his truck with one of the band trailers and going with the band and guard.  Little Man and I are going in a little bit.  They perform at 5:25pm.

So that’s my week.  What’s up with you this week?


10-4 Good Buddy

10 and 4.  Those are the grades of the little kids.  (I call them the “little kids” when I’m talking about them.  When I say my kids, that usually means all three of them.)

Anywhooooo…Grace is a sophomore this year and Jack is a 4th grader.  That is so hard for me to take in.  They are just growing up so quickly.  I do believe Jack had more first day nervousness than Grace did.  I’m sure they will both be fine tho…all day long…without me… Will I?


We’re Moving!

Well, after 10 and a half years in a house that we knew we wouldn’t live in forever, we finally found “the one”.  The home we will live in til we meet Jesus!  Our “forever home”. 

Right across the road from this new home is where we have always planned to build someday.  The hubby and I had talked about that since we were dating…waaaaaay back when.  But then the dreaded bypass happened.  The lot was plowed over to make more farm ground.  We thought our dream would have to be somewhere else.  This area is almost directly between my parents in the Ville and hubby’s parents 1.5 miles away.  Closer to our church, which is where I work.  Closer to the school that the kiddos attend.  And the hubby can just hop right on the bypass to drive to work!  It’s just where we want to land.

We’re super excited about making this house our home.  I’ve been dreaming, planning, hoping and wishing about all the things we want to do…actually, all that really involves is painting.  The house is really just that great for us!

Here’s the link to the realty page of the house.