What’s Up?

Monday ~ We had painters come and paint the walls, trim and doors up the stair well and down the hallway upstairs in the current house.  In the ten and a half years we have lived here I have never, that I can recall, ever taken a photo in the hall upstairs because I hated that area of the house sooooo much.  The reason I never did anything up there is because I’m afraid of heights and there was no way I was climbing up a ladder to paint that wall above the stairs.  And since I wasn’t about to do that, I never painted because to paint one part of that area and not another…well, I just never did.  So, the trim and doors were always this ugly cheap-o wood.  Not even nice oak.  If you think oak is nice. Which I don’t.  But since Monday, I LOVE walking up the stairs and everything looks for fresh and clean and crisp and new.  I love it.  I keep thinking I should hang something on the walls.  But I’ll just have to take it down soon to move.  So…no…nothing.  Thanks to Jason from http://www.heritage-custompainting.com for the awesome job!


Monday was also Labor Day so the kiddos were out of school for the day.  Little Man spent the previous night with Grandma and Grandpa in the Ville and Lovely Daughter had a friend over.  We just hung out while the painters worked.  My mom came over to help me pack up the craft room. 

Tuesday ~ School was delayed because of fog.  It was SUPER foggy.  Like, foggy enough that school ended up being cancelled.  CANCELLED because of FOG.  Really.  I’m not making this stuff up.  So, it was just another chillax day.  It was good because both of the kiddos were feeling a bit under the weather with colds, so it was nice to just watch movies and lay around.  I had class in the evening and Lovely Daughter had practice.  And we heard from the people at Med One…Lovely Daughter has an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to look at her shoulder…which is another story for another day 🙂

Wednesday ~ the kids were finally back to school.  Both were feeling a bit better.  I worked at church.  My online class began that day.  I’m really struggling with the whole online class. I just don’t really get how it’s supposed to work.  I just do not feel like I’m getting anything out of it.  I’m definitely a lecture and discussion in person type of learner.

Thursday ~ I worked again.  I’m also in charge of the marching band/color guard locker decorations this year.  Basically, I have to come up with and make locker decorations for every competition.  Each of the competitions are on Saturdays from now until the first one in November {hopefully}.  The Thursday before, I will go to practice with Lovely Daughter and decorate the lockers during practice.  Like 10 other moms signed up to help but no one showed up this past Thursday.  So the Little Man and I did it all.  It wasn’t so bad.  We got them all done in like 30 minutes.  I had the decorations made before we got there so we just had to get the locker list from the band director and tape them on each locker.

Friday ~ I was miserable all day with a migraine.  I slept til about 11am and then just felt sick the whole rest of the day.  Lovely Daughter stayed after school since last night was homecoming.  Little Man came home from school and played quietly so I could continue resting with my migraine.  It ended up storming, like thunder and lightening, so the game was cancelled. 

Saturday {today} ~ This afternoon is our first of many marching band competitions.  It’s just an invitational today, but these are great practice for the official ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) competitions coming up.  The parents feed the kids a home cooked meal after each competition so they don’t have to eat so much concession stand food.  I went this morning early to Rural King and bought 3 of those big boxes of tortilla chips for the taco salad/nachos they’re having tonight.  The Hubby is driving his truck with one of the band trailers and going with the band and guard.  Little Man and I are going in a little bit.  They perform at 5:25pm.

So that’s my week.  What’s up with you this week?


The Little Yellow Bathroom.

We have this little yellow bathroom in our house.  It’s the only potty-room downstairs.  Just a half bathroom.  When we moved in it was papered with yellow and white striped wallpaper and had a sunflower border at the top around the ceiling.  I hated it.  I mean. really.hated.it.

I never felt like removing the wallpaper.  That’s a terrible job.  So, I painted the border and the ceiling a periwinkle/lavender color and painted dragonflies on the walls.  I just don’t know what I was thinking.  I didn’t love that either.  But, it served it’s purpose. 

Now that we’re moving, we hired someone to come in and do some drywall work in all three bathrooms and some general touch ups.  One thing he did was remove the wallpaper from the little yellow bathroom and smooth the walls with drywall mud. 

Almost all the walls in the house are rough. Like weird popcorn ceiling rough.  Only, it’s on the walls.  Dumb.  Who ever thought that was a good idea was dumb.  It’s super difficult to patch because you just cannot match that texture.  Just give me smooth walls and call it good!

I can only find one photo taken of that room in all these years. But I apparently had photoshopped the yellow out of it.  So, alas, I will not share it with you.  It’s a pic of the little girl on one of her first days of school.  If you wanna see it, I’ll post it.  🙂

ANYWHOOOOO…So he removed the paper, smoothed the walls and now I’m in the process of painting.  I primed all the walls with the Kilz2 from an earlier post and gave all the trim and the cabinet a new coat of nice white paint.  It already looked so much better just doing all that. 

Then i was inspired by this photo from a Crate & Barrel catalog…


It’s just so fresh and clean and airy feeling…I know that gray and yellow is a really popular color scheme right now, but I just don’t love it together.  It reminds of a this terrible puffy winter coat I had when I was growing up that was gray and pink.  I hated that coat. 

Anyway, the countertop in that bathroom is “yellow marble”.  LOL.  It’s really terrible…and it’s not really marble 🙂  But I decided to work with it rather than against it.  So I’ve decided to paint the walls a light gray color.  I have some gray paint leftover from painting the kids’ rooms.  They both wanted gray, different shades.  So I just mixed it with white.  The first one was way toooooo dark.  So, I mixed in more white.  It was still too dark.  So I decided to just pour that gray into the can of white paint!  Finally I think I came up with a gray I can live with.  At least until we move!  Image

Sorry for the quality…I am not a photographer, I just have a Canon point and shoot camera.  Don’t judge.  🙂

So, my mom is finishing painting that room as we speak.  Then we’re on to other rooms.

Stay tuned!


Lowe’s Stop #1

I made my first official trip to Lowe’s yesterday for house stuff.  No, that does not mean that I’ve never been to Lowe’s before.  I just mean that it’s the first official trip for old house/new house stuff 🙂   I knew that getting the house ready to sell would be a big task, but I guess I didn’t realize HOW big of a task!  It all just seems a little overwhelming…being a full-time college student with homework, working, being a wife and mama, going thru Daddy’s appointments with him, packing and going thru absolutely everything, dreaming about the new house…

We decided to hire a painter to paint the walls going up the stairs and then down the hallway upstairs, but I (and by I, I mean myself and my mommy) am painting everything else that needs to be painted in order to get this house ready to sell…which includes all three bathrooms and maybe the kitchen.

Those of you who have been in my house in the past 10 years will remember the little yellow bathroom.  Well, it’s yellow no more.  The paper has been removed, the walls smoothed with new drywall in places.  And it’s primed.  It will look like a totally different little bathroom soon!  heck, it already looks soooo much better with just the white primed walls!  I really hope to have that bathroom finished tomorrow night.  Then I’ll post a before and after photo!

Anyway, here’s what I bought at Lowe’s yesterday.


Kilz for the bathrooms…a new little angled paint brush for cutting in around trim and such…paint tray liners…paint roller covers…and a lovely little welcome mat for the front door for when this house is finally ready to show/sell.

My Daddy has the appointment tomorrow afternoon to get the results from the PET scan and the bone marrow biopsy that were done last week.  I’m totally praying that there is no Lymphoma, it was all a mistake!