Countdown to Walt Disney World 2015…by taking a look at 2012…WDW Day #4

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We started this day with an appointment for the DS at The Pirate’s League in the Magic Kingdom.  They didn’t have any openings on the day we’d planned to be at the MK so we went that morning just for the appointment.  It was the first time for DH and the kids to walk down Main Street with the Cinderella Castle at the end.  I cannot tell a lie…I got a little teary excited when we turned that corner and saw it for the first time.

003 MKOn the way to Adventure Land, where The Pirate’s League is located, we stopped at a little kiosk so DD could get her ears!

004 Graces new earsThen we headed to The Pirate’s League.


The “before” picture…

We actually got to the appointment early so we had time to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

007 POTC rideThen we got DS checked in. He was given a new “pirate” name…Mark Hullbiter.

008 PL new Pirate name Mark Hullbiterand the transformation begins…

014 PL022 PL026 PL029 PL Pirate OathTaking the pirate’s pledge 036 PL037 PLHis new “tattoo”

044 PLgetting his sword

045 PL after photo

The “after” photo…

We ended up eating lunch at Casey’s Corner before heading to Downtown Disney for the rest of the day.



053 jack and grace

This is probably my favorite picture of the trip!

Downtown Disney…we really enjoyed it.  We bought most of our souvenirs while there.  I knew I wanted to get ear hats for the boys, so we did that first.  We had them embroidered with the boys’ names.  DD and I both got the sparkly ears.

056 Downtown Disney057 cookie058 grace and pirate059 lego064 lego066 lego082 grace new earrings081 jack and mamaMama and her Pirate!

We ended the day with supper at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary Resort.  When I went to WDW in 1986 with my family, I was 15.  We stayed at the Contemporary.  It is my dream to go back someday and stay there again.  So, when we first entered the resort on the monorail, I loved it.  It brought back so many memories from that trip.

So, we had supper at Chef Mickey’s.  It’s a buffet.  We didn’t actually really enjoy the food at all.  But the character interaction was AWESOME!  That’s actually what redeemed the restaurant.

IMG_0554088 chef mickeysIMG_0527IMG_0528IMG_0529IMG_0532IMG_0535IMG_0539IMG_0545The decor and atmosphere were fun.  Lots of bright colors and fun accents.

IMG_0546IMG_0548IMG_0550IMG_0551IMG_0552And at the end of the day, we had one very tired pirate!

one seriously sleepy pirate

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