Countdown to Walt Disney World 2015…by taking a look at 2012…WDW Day #1

Saturday July 14, 2014

We flew out bright and early and landed in Orlando @ 9:50am.

001 Jack and Daddy on plane

DS(9) & DH

002 Grace and Mama on plane

DD(15) & Me!

As soon as we landed, we were immediately immersed in the “Disney Magic”.

004 Daddy and Mama with the Mouse

We quickly found our way to the Magical Express area and got ready to board the bus to Caribbean Beach Resort!


Ready for the Magical Express!

On our way!

On our way!

Our home for the week!

013 our home for the week

In the lobby getting checked in.

015a lobby

After we got all checked in, they gave the kids some fun items.  I love that they aren’t too old or too cool!  They were such good sports all week, I mean, after all, they were just as excited as I was to be there!  We were all given buttons that said “First Visit”.  So every time we wore them, all week, people said, “Welcome Home!” to us!  It was fun!

016 1st visit pin

017 Pirate and Princess

Since DH’s birthday is at the end of July, they also gave him a “Happy Birthday” button.  We loved that…we got lots of free desserts and some extra attention all week.  He was embarrassed to wear it didn’t love it so much.  So we may, or may not have, taken turns wearing it for him throughout the week!

We got to our room.

018 our room

075 our window

Decorated Window

019 our room

020 our room

021 pirate ship beds

022 our room

023 our room

024 our room

025 our room

026 our room

027 our room

028 our room

030 our room

We loved the room!  It was a great fit, nice and clean, and we seriously were only in it to sleep…

Then we headed to the Animal Kingdom Park for lunch at Tusker House for our ADR.

036 AK entrance

037 Tree of Life

Tree of Life

041 AK lunch

Our first Character meeting!  Donald was so friendly!  I even got a kiss!

045 with Donald

047 Mama with DonaldWe were so hungry and that food was so good that I only took one picture of our food…

060 yummy foodBut everything was yummy.

We all loved the characters.

054b Grace with Mickey

058 Jack with Daisy

059a boys with Mickey

062 kids with Goofy

063b Grace with Daisy

And DH even got his first birthday surprise!

066 birthday cupcake

DH’s first Birthday surprise! Free cupcake!

Then we headed out to explore a bit.  This was the only day we went to Animal Kingdom so we made sure we did the things we knew we HAD to do…

068 Kilimanjaro Safari

100 Nemo

We went to the Finding Nemo stage show…it was amazing! I mean, I was expecting it to be good…but it was far better than good!

101 Jack with Aladar

Of course we had to ride Dinosaur!

105 Kids with Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars

Our first Mickey Ice Cream bars!

Overall, for our first day, it was a great day.  We didn’t stress out about killing ourselves doing absolutely everything we could.  We knew the basic things and just had a good day.  We ended up getting back to our resort early enough to walk to the Old Port Royale Centertown, the building with the food court, shop and main pool to check things out.  It was a nice leisurely walk along the beach.  DD was excited to see the “real” ducks…

108 graces ducks

All in all, it was a great first day.  We got to bed fairly early so we could start Day #2 bright and early!

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