Countdown to Walt Disney World 2015…by taking a look at 2012…prep at home

Yes, it’s finally here.  A Disney post!  We went to Walt Disney World in July of 2012…I’m ashamed that it’s been three years and I never posted about that trip.

I have no good excuses, so I’m not even gonna try.  But since I didn’t blog about that trip at the time, I thought a fun way to get myself and the fam ready and excited for this trip coming up, I would post about that trip.  Maybe even share some things along the way that I’ve learned from that trip and will be doing differently this trip.  Who knows!?!

When we got home from that trip, we had to recover from an awesome week and then suddenly we were buying a house and needing to get the other one ready to sell.  Time just slipped by.

So…here we go…

We decided way back in February of 2012 that we would go that summer.  We booked our trip with a local travel agent, who is also a long-time friend from youth group and school.  And I began the researching.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many hours I spent online reading through other people’s blogs of their own trips and what they did and didn’t do, what worked for them, where to stay, where to eat while there, what to do in each park…I’m sure it was HUNDREDS of hours.

I wanted to make sure that trip was as magical for my hubby and kids as it was for me when I went some 26 years ago with my parents and siblings.  I did quite a bit of prep at home before going.

One of the things I did in preparation was make matching t-shirts for us to wear.  Yes, we were THAT family.  I figured this is really going to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for our family, while the little kids are still home.  Plus, lots of people recommended it just for the sheer ease of quickly spotting each other in the busy-ness of Walt Disney World.  So, I scoured the internet for ideas.  I came up with 2 different shirts to make.  The others we either already had, or I bought them.

Here is one I saw…


I liked the general look of this, and liked the simplicity of it and felt like I could do a version of it myself.  I have a Cricut machine and a friend who loaned me her Mickey And Friends cartridge.  Then I designed the bow myself to get something that I liked a little better.

Here is my version…

Mine and Lovely Daughter’s have a bow and flower pin, while the Hubby and Little Man’s are just the Mickey head.


I bought the red t-shirts, black material, red polka dot material, heat-n-bond and white thread at JoAnn.  Then I just used the Cricut to cut the Mickey heads and and bow and ironed them on and used the zigzag stitch on my old faithful sewing machine (well, it was faithful in 2012…not so much now.  I had to replace it with this beauty!)  I made two little flower pins to add my mine and lovely daughter’s bows.  Those can be removed for washing!  I felt so clever creative!


Since that one seemed easy, I also decided to do a gray shirt for all of us.  I bought a black and gray marble-y looking pattern material for the boy shirts and a gray and pink material for the girl shirts.


I also made autograph books for both kids.










I made each page a little different.  And I “decorated” a Sharpie and attached it with ribbon so we weren’t constantly searching in the bottom of the backpack for the pen.

I also had both kids decorate M&M’s mini’s bottles.  We then filled each of them with 2 quarters, 1 shiny penny, 2 quarter, 1 shiny penny, etc., so they could do the pressed pennies.  After we got the WDW they each purchased a pressed penny folder.  They are taking them back with them this trip to do more…so I had to got to eat some mini M&M’s so they could have the containers.  😉

I think that’s about all for now.  Stay tuned for Disney day 1 coming soon!



2 thoughts on “Countdown to Walt Disney World 2015…by taking a look at 2012…prep at home

    • Thanks! I loved all the getting ready stuff. I’m NOT doing that much this time because we are also preparing for DD’s high school graduation which is next weekend…then we leave for WDW the NEXT weekend…to busy this time!

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