A Chapter Ends…

The lovely daughter will graduate from high school in a mere 10 days.  I feel like that is the biggest, most important (and certainly the busiest) thing happening in our lives right now.  We’ve gone through pictures, memorabilia, etc. to get things ready for the open house that will happen that weekend.  So many memories.  So many moments.  It’s been a wonderful 18+ years having her as my daughter.  She’s really just a lovely young lady.

We had some senior pictures taken of her in the fall, and some more just a couple weeks ago for some spring pics. Our niece is a photographer in Indianapolis and she is truly gifted.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m her Aunt.  She has a gift.

View More: http://mechellemariephotography.pass.us/grace-seniorView More: http://mechellemariephotography.pass.us/grace-seniorIMG_5538

We ordered the cap and gown back in the fall also and I thought, wow, it still seems so far away, why order it now?  Well… aaaaaaand here we are just 10 short days away!

In April, she went on her senior trip to Washington D.C. and New York City.

grace and white housetimes square

She’s an introvert, so by the end of the trip, even though she thoroughly enjoyed the trip and had fun with her longest-time friends, she was “peopled out” and ready to just be at home.

She went to her Senior Prom and had a great time with that “nice boy” (as we like to call him).


My birthday just also happened to be prom weekend so she and I had made appointments for massages, pedicures and to “git her hairs did”.  We spent a much needed day together.  It was nice to spend time one-on-one with her to celebrate being girls and my birthday.  There have been many many things going on lately in our lives.  I want her last few months at home to be about happy, healthy, good memories.  I don’t want her to look back on these months with regret or sadness or feeling cheated by being focused on negative things.

She’s handing the reins of FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) off to an underclassman.  She kind of co-led it her junior year with that nice boy, then she led it this year.  It’s been a struggle getting students to attend, but there are a faithful few.  She loves Jesus and isn’t afraid of letting people know.

She felt a call to ministry at a young age.  Over the years, it’s been talked about, prayed about…she doesn’t know exactly what that looks like for her, but she will be attending Indiana Wesleyan University in the fall to study Christian Ministries and see how the Lord directs her.

We named her “Grace” after the gift of grace that God bestowed upon all of us when He sent His Son Jesus to the cross for our sins.  So we have a constant, daily reminder of that grace.  She also just so happens to be graceful.  She’s kind, smart, nice, friendly…She is Grace.

She is loved.

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