So, I’m not a huge fan of sweets.  When I’m hungry for a snack, I prefer crunchy and salty.  If you know me at all…that usually means Hacienda chips and salsa.  amen.  and hallelujah.

But I do for some reason enjoy trying different types of chocolate.  Which is weird, because not only am I not a sweets fan, I’m also REEALLLLLYYY not a chocolate fan.  I mean, you will probably never find me sitting in front of the t.v. eating chocolate. 

But, when I go somewhere new, I enjoy checking out different types and brands of chocolates.  Weird, I know.  The Lovely Daughter, however, loves anything dark chocolate.  Don’t even bother giving her anything milk chocolate.  It will rot before she eats it.

So, when we went to San Diego in December for my son’s wedding, I bought some little chocolate samples (actually called ChocoPod®).  They had full sized bars that were a mere SEVEN DOLLARS A BAR.  Yeah, that’s not happening.  But next to those were these cute, little samples. 


chuao chocolate pods.

The brand is chuao.  I’ve never seen them before or since.  Here is a link to their website…

The first one I dared to try was “maple bacon”. 


The label says this, “Crisp bacon, delicate maple sweetness and bonfire smoked sea salt, bathed in milk chocolate.”  It was actually quite tasty.  The chocolate was silky smooth.  I enjoy smooth chocolate.  not grainy chocolate.  There were these little tiny pieces of bacon and salt in the chocolate but nothing tasted overly “wrong”.  I expected this overwhelming bacon and maple taste, but it was very mild and yummy. 

I may let you know how the others are…

*and by the way, I bought these samples with my own money, this is my own opinion, no one is paying me in any way to write this.  amen.

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