A New Chapter!

This week ends a big chapter of my life. 

Fifteen years ago this spring, I began helping our Student Pastor in the office at church.  In those first weeks, I just volunteered once a week to help him with some of the “busy work” part of a youth pastors job, things like making copies, putting information into a database, getting visitor letters ready to mail, typing meeting notes.  It quickly led into a 2-3 day a week ministry for me.  Our student ministry began to grow, so the things that needed to be done grew also.  It so easily could have been a full-time job.  Fifteen years is a long time.

So many things have happened in the past fifteen years.  Not just in my life, but in our church and in our nation and in our world. 

When I began, I was the mama to one precious little girl. 

I have since become the mama to two boys also. 

My oldest son graduated from high school, joined the Marines, has been to war and has gotten married. 

We have moved twice since I began and are finally in our “forever” home. 

Our church grew, we moved locations and changed names and just in the past couple of weeks we’ve transitioned as a church to say goodbye to our pastor of nearly 40 years. 

I have had the privilege to serve five different student ministry pastors and 13 (i think) summer interns. 

I’ve had 4 nieces and 2 nephews born since I began. 

My sister and her family left for the foreign mission field and recently returned to the States to live. 

My brother and his family left for the foreign mission field where they continue to serve in the South Pacific. 

Our church went through a fire.  Almost everything related to the Student Ministry was lost. 

A few years ago, we had a pastor on our staff die on Valentine’s day and then the very next day, the only Grandmother I ever had died. 

My mom got very ill following a surgery and spent nearly a month in the hospital. 

My very best friend moved away right before I was diagnosed with breast cancer (from which I was healed.) 

My daddy battled cancer and was healed.

The things I have learned because of my job at church are immeasurable.  I’ve not only learned practical things, like how to use a computer, but things about myself, about how to be all that God has called me to be.

And now, a new chapter begins… 

I graduated in December from Indiana Wesleyan University with a business degree.  I had hoped to be able to use that degree in my job at church, but God’s plans are not my plans.  So, I’ve had to take steps of faith.  I accepted another job in town at a locally owned coffee shop.  I’m nervous.  I don’t accept change well.  It was a huge deal for me to even fill out an application after nearly 18 years. 

We shall see what the next 15 years holds for me! 

If you want any more details just let me know.  I don’t want anyone to be upset that this is how you found out.  I just thought this was the quickest way to let people know.  But I would love to talk to you in person if ya wanna.



So, I’m not a huge fan of sweets.  When I’m hungry for a snack, I prefer crunchy and salty.  If you know me at all…that usually means Hacienda chips and salsa.  amen.  and hallelujah.

But I do for some reason enjoy trying different types of chocolate.  Which is weird, because not only am I not a sweets fan, I’m also REEALLLLLYYY not a chocolate fan.  I mean, you will probably never find me sitting in front of the t.v. eating chocolate. 

But, when I go somewhere new, I enjoy checking out different types and brands of chocolates.  Weird, I know.  The Lovely Daughter, however, loves anything dark chocolate.  Don’t even bother giving her anything milk chocolate.  It will rot before she eats it.

So, when we went to San Diego in December for my son’s wedding, I bought some little chocolate samples (actually called ChocoPod®).  They had full sized bars that were a mere SEVEN DOLLARS A BAR.  Yeah, that’s not happening.  But next to those were these cute, little samples. 


chuao chocolate pods.

The brand is chuao.  I’ve never seen them before or since.  Here is a link to their website… www.chuaochocolatier.com

The first one I dared to try was “maple bacon”. 


The label says this, “Crisp bacon, delicate maple sweetness and bonfire smoked sea salt, bathed in milk chocolate.”  It was actually quite tasty.  The chocolate was silky smooth.  I enjoy smooth chocolate.  not grainy chocolate.  There were these little tiny pieces of bacon and salt in the chocolate but nothing tasted overly “wrong”.  I expected this overwhelming bacon and maple taste, but it was very mild and yummy. 

I may let you know how the others are…

*and by the way, I bought these samples with my own money, this is my own opinion, no one is paying me in any way to write this.  amen.