Cancer? What Cancer?!?

“Index shaft of the left humerus lesion previously noted is not identified on the current study.”

Know what that means? 

The cancer that was there before is NOT THERE ANYMORE!!!

What great words to hear!  After several months of appointments, waiting, tests, waiting, more appointments, more waiting, more tests, chemo, chemo and more chemo…more tests, waiting a little bit more, more appointments…those words were like “a breath of fresh air in a dusty world”.  That last quote is actually something the Lovely Daughter said to the Little Man a while back and they were what came to mind as I was thinking about the feeling I got when the oncologist said, “The Cancer Is Gone.”

My brother, who lives in Vanuatu, flew home for a few days and was able to be with us in that appointment with Daddy to hear those words.  When the doctor came into the room, I told her that he came all that way so she better tell us good news and she said, “It was not a wasted trip then.”

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and with us, cried for us and with us, allowed us all some extra grace over the past few months, who brought meals to my parents, who laughed with us when we needed to laugh and gave us time to “shut down” once in a while.  You may never know what a relief and encouragement you were are to all of us. 

Even though the cancer is stupid, bye bye, gone, this isn’t over yet.  Daddy will begin radiation therapy soon.  He will have it every day for a couple of months.  The doctor said that really the purpose of the radiation is to give that old cancer a last “kick in the butt.”  So, please don’t stop the praying. 

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