November is a Month for Being Thankful #6

Today I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to go back to college. 

Tonight I begin my final 5-week class and then I will graduate on December 15.  As I think back on the past almost two and a half years, I am reminded that when I started this process, I thought that this day was so far away.

It’s a pretty big deal to me that I am actually finishing college.  I have often struggled in my life with completing anything.  I begin projects, crafts, books, chores, etc. and just give up somewhere in the process and never complete it.  I even tease that I couldn’t even finished pregnancy so I had to have c-sections.  (I know, probably not funny, but true!)

So, I am proud of myself for persevering and not giving up.  There have been a couple of times that I just didn’t think I’d make it.  But, here I am at the end of this particular journey.  Almost finished.  Then end is in sight!

November is a Month for Being Thankful #3

Today I’m thankful for all the people in my life, and my children’s lives, who love my children. Ever since The Lovely Daughter was born, we have had lots of people who I know I can count on to watch my kids, when needed, who pray for my kids, who enjoy spending time with them. I know so many others who don’t have family and friends close to be there for their kids. I’ve always had those kinds of people. I think that’s why my kids are so well adjusted in social situations…because they’re used to spending time with people who aren’t always just us. I know there are those in our lives who would drop whatever they are doing to be there should my kids need someone. That’s what, or WHO, I’m thankful for today…and everyday!