more doctors…

This Yesterday morning I went with Mom and Daddy to meet with Dr. Daniel Wurtz at the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis. As I mentioned in a previous post, Daddy had a PET scan done on August 13.  That scan showed an area on his left humerus (upper arm bone) that was “concerning”.  He was then referred to Dr. Wurtz to further explore that area.  So, today we went.  His appointment was scheduled for 9am and he was supposed to get there about 30 minutes early to check in.  (shhhh…don’t tell him I’m telling you this, but he had actually put in the wrong address into his GPS so we were a little lost.  But only by about a few blocks.  No biggie.  Just running a little late.)  We actually got there right at 9.  He checked in at the desk and was immediately called back to get weighed, measured and blood pressured.  After sitting in the room for a few minutes, Dr. Wurtz’s nurse practitioner came in and chatted and asked questions.  Then she said that the doctor would want to do a regular x-ray on his upper arm.  So, they sent him down to another part of the hospital for that.  He was gone for about 30 minutes.  When he came back, the doctor came in and basically said that yes, there is some concern, but he wanted to get another picture.  So he ordered an MRI for later in the day at 2:30.  He told us that on Wednesday mornings a bunch of radiologist and other doctors get together to discuss new cases.  IU Med Center is a top-ranked teaching hospital…but I totally pictured one of those scenes from “House” when they are all sitting around a table trying to figure out what steps to take and trying to figure out what is going on!  Anywhooo…so he said if they were able to do the MRI yesterday, he would have all the tests to present and talk about.  He told Daddy that if his ears were burning in the morning, he would know why?

By now, it was only about 10:30-ish in the morning.  So, we had some time to kill waste find something to do…

So…we left the hospital…o what to do?  what to do?…I mean, really.  We’re stuck in downtown Indianapolis for more than 3 hours AT LUNCHTIME!  Whatever shall we do? India Garden, of course!  So, we drove to Broadripple and ate at my favorite restaurant! (And Daddy’s).

After lunch, we made our way back over to IU Med Center and waited for the MRI.  We still had more than an hour before the MRI so we decided to ride the IU Med Center People Mover.

People Mover

As soon as we were on it, I felt like I was back at Disney World.  I told Mom and Daddy that I wish I had brought my Mickey Mouse ears.  I also thought it would be fun to bring the kids to Indy for a day and ride it with all of us wearing our ears…we could pretend we’re back at WDW.

Anyway, the whole trip from walking to the people mover and getting back to the MRI office was about 30 minutes or so.  So, when we got back Mom and I  just waited in the waiting room for Daddy’s test to get finished.

When the test was finished, we left the hospital around 3:30 and drove home.  And by “we” I mean, Daddy drove home while I snoozed in the back seat.  😉  (btw, I HATE sleeping in the car.  It is so uncomfortable and not restful AT ALL.  I was miserable the rest of the evening.)

Back to Daddy…He has an appointment scheduled with Dr. Michael Robertson on October 1st.  He’s a lymphoma specialist.  Please continue praying.  We appreciate it.  I cannot tell you how much it means that we have so many people lifting him up to the throne at a time like this.  Thank you.  amen.

3 thoughts on “more doctors…

  1. Thanks, Jenny, for keeping everyone informed….It takes a weight off of me, not having to remember everything…You”re the best oldest daughter anyone could have…<3

  2. Wow, I’m glad Mom said you’re the best oldest daughter! LOL
    But yes, thank you for keeping everyone updated. I love you so much and I can’t wait to live close enough to help you “carry the torch” for the Widup family! 🙂

  3. Jenny, Thank you for writing this. I have so much love for your family! God has just given me a love for your family like I have for my own. I enjoy keeping on track of all of you. I consider it a privilege to pray for all of you. I am always so excited to see what God is doing in your lives!! Love, Brenda

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